A unique villa makes history

Villa Allungata is the work of the famous Italian architect and designer Giò Ponti (1891-1979). Apart from this magnificent building, there is only one building on Elba that was designed by him, the Villa Ottagonale. Originally planned was the construction of 10 holiday homes, a hotel and a restaurant, commissioned by an English real estate company. In his two projects, Ponti emphasizes the geometric form, carved by apparently random openings that allow a total view of the landscape from every room. He made this possible through his meticulous study of the interiors and the creation of continuous transversal perspectives. Villa Allungata is a national monument of the Italian State and was renovated in collaboration with the Office of Cultural Heritage of Pisa. The aim is to restore the original state of the building as faithfully as possible. The exterior façade is kept in white and the shutters are made of wood following the tradition. Local craftsmanship is valorized in the ongoing restoration of the remarkable original tile floor inside the villa.

Giò Ponti was one of the most important figures of Italian architecture of the Twentieth Century, with projects ranging from architecture to industrial design, from urban design to detailed interior design. Ponti’s architecture stands out for its clarity and embodies the fundamental principles of his entire career at home and abroad, in South America and the Middle East. Its motto: The development of the finished form in its simplicity and reduced to its essential elements, light, transparent and free from its visual weight.

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